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Smart digital products, the skalar way. |

Just in time for the summer holidays.

Tip 1: Practice hammocking at home first.

Becoming a brand — anyone can make a logo, it is the stories that comes after that makes the brand.

Freedom as a perk is perhaps the one which we are most proud of. We do not use a lot of time keeping tabs on one another. Freedom, with responsibility, is the Skalar way.

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own company? Do you have an idea that will rock the foundation of the world, or change the way we do things? Do you want to change the way we think?

At Skalar we work to make people’s lives better. We do this by working with our co-creators to help their clients and customers. We do it by working on a known challenge or bottle neck, or by discovering new potential and opportunities. In this article we will explore our process from a business perspective and give context to how we work with our co-creators.

This Mac has evolved to be one of the world’s most powerful and enabling machines. Special thanks to continuous developments and improvements over time.

Life would be nice if it were like Lego; but, it does not come with instructions. We try our best to bring some kind of order to the chaos. Our designers work towards innovating great user journeys which make sense and renders technology not a technical mess, but a functionality which makes life easier.

Skalar’s design team involves end users, stakeholders, developers and business leaders into each part of the design process building exceptional digital solutions.

We have talked a lot about The Skalar Way in our articles on Medium and thought it worthwhile to have a thorough walkthrough on the subject. So this is the first article in a series of five — dedicated to what we do at Skalar, and how we do it.

We set a big prize on speed and accuracy when it comes to Technology at Skalar.

As in the rest of life, love and passion are vital for business.

By now you’ve probably heard about it. A group of ragged tagged traders on the subreddit r/wallstreetbets has taken both Wall Street and main street with a blitz attack. The traders rallied together against established hedge funds to prove that they also could manipulate the markets.

The waiting, the insatiable waiting. A black line of pixels slowly crawling towards a finish line. When it reached its destination, gratification. A source of wonder unfolds — stories rich in meaning and value illuminate events of the past, present or future.


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